Best Place To Buy Coffee Online UK (2023): Beans, Grounds, or Subscription


Brits consume around 98 million cups of coffee every day and over 80% of UK households buy coffee for home consumption (source). As a coffee aficionado, it’s natural to want to explore new brands and experiment, but how do you find the best coffee beans in the UK? If you’re on the hunt for top products, but you don’t know where to look, or you’re short on time, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s a handy guide to the best coffee beans the UK has to offer. 

Before you buy: Tips to help you find the best coffee beans UK

Before you start searching for the best coffee beans in the UK, it’s a good idea to consider a few essential factors, including your taste and flavour preferences, the types of products you’re looking for, for example, a subscription service or one-off purchases, and the brand. Some people are simply looking for the best quality and tastiest coffee beans, while others may also be interested in the brand story, culture and values. 

Coffee beans are categorised according to their aroma, flavour, acidity and body. Every coffee fan has unique tastes, and this is why exploring different products is such a useful exercise. Try different varieties, research brands and be open to trying new things, even if you think you’ve stumbled across ‘the one.’

The best coffee beans to buy online

If you’re ready to start adding products to your basket, here are some of our favourite online retailers and subscription packages:

Online coffee retailers

Peak Coffee Co (Best Coffee Beans UK)


  • Excellent 5 star reviews via trusted source
  • Coffee Beans or Ground from £6.95
  • Single origin and blends
  • Next-day delivery is available
  • Subscribe and save (10%)

Peak Coffee is famed for selling 100% Arabica beans and it has a reputation for speedy delivery. Within 24 hours of roasting, the coffee beans are packaged and sent, ready for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy. The Peak Coffee collection is extensive and it boasts blends from across the world. Each product comes with an informative description and useful ratings for sweetness, lightness and acidity. The selection is incredible, but if we were pushed to choose the best coffee beans, we’d go for the rich, chocolatey Santamaria blend, which is sourced directly from Apaneca, El Salvador. 


Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee is a brilliant option for fans who like their coffee just so. This site is fantastic because it offers the consumer a range of choices. You can decide between pods and bags, whole bean or ground and decaf and original. You can also choose how to brew your coffee. As well as being a great choice for shoppers who know exactly what they want, Pact Coffee will also appeal to buyers who appreciate attention to detail. Every task, from selecting the beans to roasting them, is carried out meticulously to ensure optimum quality. 

There are delivery options to suit every budget. If you’re a frequent buyer looking for coffee beans online, you may be interested in the subscribe and save service.

Online coffee subscriptions

Online subscriptions are booming in the UK. There is a raft of benefits for customers, including ensuring a steady supply of coffee beans, exploring new products, saving money and receiving a welcome surprise in the post every month. If you love coffee, what could be better than a box of delights nestled among the usual bills and flyers? Coffee subscriptions are also a fantastic gift idea for the coffee fans in your family or friendship group. 

If you like the idea of an online coffee subscription, here are some of the best options in the UK:

Clumsy Goat

As well as a brilliant, unique brand name, Clumsy Goat offers an array of excellent subscription offers, including personal plans and gift subscriptions. You can sign up to receive the Roast of the Month or the Espresso of the Month with free delivery and quick dispatch. The Roast of the Month package is ideal for those who are keen to diversify their coffee collection and try new blends and newbies who are just getting started on their journey of discovery into the world of beans and blends. For those on budget, check out the ‘bargain beans’ selection.

Django Coffee Company

Django Coffee Company is a standout in the subscription selection because it offers options to suit all customers and an intriguing, impressive range of products. If you subscribe, you can choose between weekly, monthly, 3-monthly and ongoing subscriptions, making this an ideal option for those trying subscriptions for the first time. There is a huge range of products on offer, and every blend has brewing instructions and recommendations, as well as information about the origins of the beans. If you’re interested in taking a tour of coffee-producing countries, this is the site for you. From Honduras and Guatemala to Ethiopia, you can travel the world in every cup. 

Coffee Club by Union Roasted

Union Roasted offers curated collections of hand-roasted coffee delivered to your door. The Coffee Club plan enables you to tailor a subscription to suit your preferences and budget. You can choose your own or opt for the Discovery, Bolder or Brighter plans. Your handmade coffee will arrive in letterbox-friendly packaging so you don’t have to worry about missing your delivery. Become a Coffee Club member now at

Buying ground coffee online

If you prefer ground coffee to beans, we’ve got you covered. We recommend:

  • The Coffee Roasters: one of the best places to buy coffee online in the UK, The Coffee Roasters offer over 130 blends from more than 20 artisan roasters. Click here to start shopping now. 
  • Redber Coffee: ideally suited to novices and those keen to explore and experiment, Redber Coffee has a fabulous starter kit and a choice of over 30 origins. Click here to find out more. 
  • Roast Works: an independent coffee company that specialises in top-quality blends, this is the perfect choice for buyers looking for luxurious, high-end products. Indulge your taste buds at


Coffee lovers have more choice than ever. It’s a brilliant time to be a coffee aficionado, but how do you find the best coffee beans UK? If you don’t have the time or energy to test every blend, why not take inspiration from our favourite places to buy coffee beans online?

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